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We currently have mapped out most basketball games in the City of Irvine!

Mapping Local Pick Up Games

All it takes is one player at each court to report the number of players. A single report helps an entire community of players decide where, when, and whether or not to play.

What is SportsMap?

SportsMap is a social community-based mobile application that maps local sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer) activity and connects players. The community benefits from and relies on users themselves to report player numbers and games, similar to the Waze and GasBuddy apps.

Join our exciting launch in sunny Southern California - we are first mapping out pick up basketball games.
SportsMap is a 100% free application. Download the app now to discover and join local pick up games!
  • Community-Based Reports & Mapping

    Users can check-in and check-out of a location to let others know where they are playing, and report player numbers and recurring games.
  • Invite Friends & Nearby Players

    Invite as many friends, nearby players, and phone contacts as you like in just a few clicks. Everyone gets the time and address, and the map is updated for everyone!
  • Meet New Players - Discover New Games

    View profiles of nearby users to find what sports they play, their skill level, and weekly availability. Organize nearby players and friends!
  • Get Alerts For Your Favorite Locations

    Get notifications whenever there are games at your favorite locations that meet your minimum player requirement.

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Let us know what you think. We are an open minded startup focused on solving problems for pick up sports players.